Body Butter Lotion

Body Butter Lotion

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•Hand churned body butters packed with Vitamin E to help moisturize and regenerate even the driest skin!

Our hand & body soaps are paraben and sulfate free! 

  • Cashmere - top notes of smooth Jamaican vanilla and caramel are chased by Bergamot, Sicilian Orange, Raspberry, Fig Leaves, Licorice, Strawberry Candy, Barbe-a-Papa and musk with a dry down of Lily of the Valley, rich woods, and delicate powder.
  • Coconut Milk - Super moisturizing with the perfect emollient lather, a tropical escape on the mainland! Coconut, sandalwood, warm vanilla, tropical musk, tonka bean.
  • Enchanted Soap - Bursting red pomegranate, notes of osmanthus and fluffy sweet marshmallows. 
  • Lavender - essential oil has the ability to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect the scalp and skin, and enhance blood circulation.  
  • Magnolia - This is not your traditional magnolia blossom plucked from your grandmother’s infamous magnolia tree, this little gem is dancing in a field of fresh summer fruits and a drizzle of coconut and lime. Just think a southern front porch, a wooden porch swing and the perfect cocktail, inhale slowly and get lost in thoughts of summer. Magnolia with subtle nodes of raspberry, peach, musk and hibiscus buds. 
  • Midnight Hibiscus will take your hand and tiptoe with you through the twilight hour into a full moon on a midsummers night. This flirty and feminine lady is twirling in sweet florals and spirited fruits all balanced by Tonka bean and white musk fragrances. She’s mischievous and playful. Fragrance blend - Italian bergamot, hibiscus, peach, strawberry, apple blossom, Tonka bean, white musk. 
  • Milk & Honey - milk and honey, with subtle nodes of cotton candy, raspberry, strawberry and a drizzle of caramelized sugar. 
  • Outlaw - What outlaw doesn’t want to clean up that scruff and those working hands from time to time? This outlaw soap takes you from that hard-working day life to that irresistible hottie she fell in love with! Get all cleaned up and bring back those yester year memories all at the same time. Fragrance blend - grapefruit, bergamot, nodes of amber, fused with subtle hints of patchouli, oakmoss and sandalwood.
  • Paris - Fine veins of Himalayan Sea salt and activated charcoal are embedded for the perfect combination to offer a undeniable glow. Juicy fig, freshly squeezed lemon, a nod of golden amber and sandalwood. 
  • Peach Poppy - Super moisturizing with the perfect emollient lather, a southern escape, both fresh & invigorating. Fragrance blend: prosecco and peach melba accented with bright waterfruit, sheer magnolia, and sugared musk. 
  • Sangria - Ripe black raspberries are mixed with dark plum and warm vanilla...and a dash of WHOOP! 
  • A Southern Belle has a lot of sass, and sets ready to, bless your heart! She’s southern rooted with tantalizing twists of poppy and pomegranate swirled by sweet sugar cane. ….all that sass is a fragrance of poppy, pomegranate, osmanthus and sugar cane. 
  • Strawberry Champagne - all those bubbles is a fragrance of strawberry, kiwi, champagne and hint of vanilla. 
  • Vintage Gypsy is beautiful! Teal and cream soaps swirled together and glazed with copper dust. Just like those vintage treasures you adore that send your soul into a gypsy whirlwind. This soap will free your spirit into an enticing, romantic and exhilarating bath! Fragrance blend: white musk hinted with spiced vanilla sandalwood. 

Ingredients: Water, Isopropyl Myristate, Beeswax, Stearic Acid, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sunflower Oil, Polysorbate 60, Sodium Borate, Disodium Propylparaben, Methylparaben, Diazolidinyl Urea, Propylene Glycol.